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Telemarketing Singapore is the leading B2B telemarketing and lead generation services company in Singapore and Asia. Whether you’re in the IT/Software, Consulting, Healthcare or Financial services industry, we help you reach the best-fit customers through our telemarketing and lead generation solutions.

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Connect with your ideal customers and close more sales

B2B Telemarketing

We reach and engage decision makers to book introductory meetings or demos

Lead Generation

Identify the best-fit companies and connect with prospects across channels

Webinar Marketing

We plan, promote, and host your webinars to attract new business leads

Contacts List

Use firmographics, technographics and intent data to personalize your outreach activities

How We Help Businesses Grow

While telemarketing is our preferred approach to connect with prospects, we also use different marketing channels like email, social, and online, to engage prospects wherever they are.


  • Send personalized emails to introduce your brand and generate interest
  • Send timely emails to nurture prospects closer toward conversion


  • Call prospects to follow-up on intro email or social message
  • Call prospects to qualify, nurture and set appointments


  • Connect on social media and nurture with targeted drip messages
  • Enrich contacts list with additional prospects profiled on social media


  • Handle live chat inquiries to qualify visitors and route them to your sales
  • Set up targeted chat greetings and personalized chat flows


  • Setup campaign landing pages to promote your brand, products and services and webinars
  • Deploy targeted banner ads on partnered websites to attract and capture online leads


  • Plan, promote, and manage virtual events to generate new business leads and establish thought leadership
  • Facilitate your webinars to drive engagement through Q&A, chat, and polls

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